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TOOLBOX for Global Partners

Welcome Global Partners!


Who we are:


Ecotech Quebec mobilizes key players of the green economy to create the most favorable conditions for the development and growth of companies, and encourages end-users to increase the deployment of clean technologies. Écotech Québec aims to build cohesion and synergy to help the cleantech industry develop to its full potential.

Our four main lines of action: 

  • KNOWLEDGE: Grow specialised knowledge and expertise about needs and trends in both the national and international realms
  • NETWORKING: Increase the breadth of networking amongst industry players in order to generate more opportunities and partnerships
  • POSITIONING: Boost local and international recognition of  Québec's cleantech
  • PUBLIC POLICY: Encourage industry leaders to take action in order to accelerate development and facilitate the commercialisation of clean technologies in Québec

Summary of our strategic plan


Québec has developed specific cleantech strenghts
Production of electricity; Transportation of electricity over long distances
Colleting, sorting and recycling equipment; Waste-to-energy
Energy efficiency
Industrial; Transportation; Buildings
Traditional biomass; Development of new biomass transformation processes into solid, liquid or gas form for heat or electricity
Wind energy in a Nordic setting; Remote management of wind farms



Thinking of doing business in Québec?


Have a look at what Québec cleantech companies are doing,

and explore possible synergies and collaboration with them! 

We'll gladly put you in touch.

Description of some cleantech companies in Québec

Videos on cleantech in Québec



But wait, why Québec?


Our partner Invest Québec, and possibly a future ally of yours,

complied this list: 


  • business environment
  • well-regulated banking system
  • free-trade champions
  • power-generating capacity
  • tax incentives
  • operating costs
  • transportation insfrastructure

Québec's assets



There are several strategic projects going on in Québec


Plan Nord

Fight against climate change

Electrification of transit

Maritime strategy








I'll use Écotech Québec's offices, 

attend their activities as a member,

and meet their key business contacts!