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Écotech Québec is an autonomous non-profit organisation, endowed with its own decision-making bodies (the general assembly, the board of governors, the executive committee) and operational body (the secretariat of the cluster).


The board of governors represents the diversity of the cleantech sector.  It is composed of individuals from each of the categories of members (with the exception of the Prestige Partners and the CEO)


Each category of members if tied to an electoral college:

  • College of End-User Companies and Organizations
  • College of Innovative Cleantech Companies
  • College of the fields of R&D, Education and Professional Development
  • College of Associations and Organizations in Cleantech, including at least two pan-Canadian ones
  • College of Risk Capital Firms and Financial Institutions
  • College of Labour Unions
  • College of Cleantech Influencers (like engineering firms)

During the general assembly of April 13, 2021 the members elected their representatives to the new Board of Governors, including:


President: ​Richard Painchaud, President and CEO, Kourant Technologies

Vice-President: Catherine Bérubé, Vice President, Sustainability, Investor Relations and Public Affairs, Cycle Capital Management

Treasurer:  Michel Laforest, VP Business Development, Waste Robotics

​Secretary: Geneviève Gauthier, National Director, Econoler


View the complete list of members of Écotech Québec's Board of Governors