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Vision, Mission and Actions


A more competitive, greener and healthier Québec, with an emphasis on sustained growth of the cleantech sector.



In a sustainable development perspective, Ecotech Quebec mobilizes key players of the green economy to create the most favorable conditions for the development and growth of companies, and encourages end-users to increase the deployment of clean technologies.



In order to quickly offer concrete benefits to its members, Écotech Québec develops tools and activities that respond to their needs.

As the first organisation of its type in Canada, Écotech Québec aims to build cohesion and synergy to help the cleantech industry develop to its full potential.


Our four main lines of action

  • KNOWLEDGE: Grow specialised knowledge and expertise about needs and trends in both the national and international realms
  • NETWORKING: Increase the breadth of networking amongst industry players in order to generate more opportunities and partnerships
  • POSITIONING: Boost local and international recognition of  Québec's cleantech
  • PUBLIC POLICY: Encourage industry leaders to take action in order to accelerate development and facilitate the commercialisation of clean technologies in Québec

In partnership with key players from Québec, Canada and the world, Écotech Québec contributes to the development of clean technologies from all of Québec's regions.



Strategic plan (french only)