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Cleantech is here classified by sectors of activity in Québec: air, energy efficiency, green chemistry, renewable energy, residual waste, soil & groundwater, sustainable mobility and water. Note: Some sub-sectors were regrouped to simplify the portrait.


Impacting Québec’s economy


A study conducted by Deloitte for Écotech Québec analyzed the cleantech sector to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the different fields of activity and evaluate which ones show potential for growth. The study revealed that energy efficiency, waste, biomass and hydroelectricity are in a promising position internationally. Other categories and sub categories have significant assets in their respective niches: water treatment, transport, soil rehabilitation, green chemistry, wind energy and solar energy. Find out more



Cleantech sectors



According to the survey, almost three-quarters of respondents felt that their activities primarly involved product development and marketing (73%), while the remaining quarter saw them as service related (27%).


The energy sector is an important part of the cleantech economy. In fact, 43% of clean technologies are used for renewable energy production, energy efficiency, eco-mobility or energy storage and distribution.


Beyond these, waste (15%) and water (13%) are well represented in Québec. 


Interestingly, about half of the companies operate in two sectors. The results have been weighted to take this into account.



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