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Clean technologies of the Air sector can, among other functions, reduce atmospheric pollution, volatile organic compounds (VOC) and greenhouse gases (GHG). Air cleantech also quantifies GHG reduction efforts in order to convert them into carbon credits trade on local and international markets.


Québec has a highly specialized air treatment industry. Made up essentially of mature companies, this Québec sector could experience expanded business opportunities (principally in the subcategories of GHG and VOC reduction and the field of pollution) with the launch of the regulated carbon market scheduled for 2013 and Québec's target of reducing GHG by 20% compared to 1990 emission levels. With the market characterized by major players, small specialized companies have chosen to enter the market via niche segments such as intelligent odour management, biogas purification and carbon capture. 


Several research institutions stand out in the air sector: UQAM, McGill, Université Laval, Université Sherbrooke and the INRS Carbon Capture and Storage (CSS).