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Eco-mobility refers to intelligent transportation, electric vehicles, as well as power train component manufacturing electrification. Intelligent transportation systems (ITS) use electronics, communications and information processing technology to improve all aspects of transport, including public transit. With the help of new technologies, ITS can improve the management and operations of road, rail, air and marine transportation networks, as well as service to users. Québec can rely on its strengths in mathematical modelling and operational research applicable to flow management software.


Electric vehicles are gaining ground in Québec's transportation sector, notably in public transit. Québec enjoys numerous advantages that could drive its expansion into the electric vehicle market. Québec's position on the global stage could also be enhanced by the strength of its research and development in the field of component manufacturing, particularly in the niche markets of batteries and charging stations. The IREQ (Hydro- Québec's research institute) holds several patents on battery materials.


Finally, Québec is home to no less than 30 university research centres and college technology transfer centres in various fields related to road transport.