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Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency relies on managing (energy recovery) and reducing energy demand at the source. The market is extremely broad: it includes smart grid, transportation, industrial, commercial/institutional and residential uses.  The market for wood fibre based insulation (carbon-neutral), the management of integrating renewable energy sources and the growing influence of information and communication technologies in managing energy efficiency (smart grids) also present a number of opportunities. Moreover, truck fleet operators show a keen interest in improving energy efficiency. 


Certain niche markets, like refrigeration industrial processes and equipment for transportation applications stand out. The economic fabric of Québec, which is predominantly manufacturing, combined with the province's weather, gives it a comparative advantage on the international market when it comes to energy efficiency project development and testing and industrial process optimization.


Québec has the enviable position of being able to count on several research chairs in energy efficiency (e.g., Chair in Industrial Energy Efficiency-Sherbrooke, Industrial Research Chair T3E-ÉTS), research centres in GHG reduction and energy consumption (e.g., CanmetENERGY-Varennes), renewable energy integration (e.g., NGTC-Boucherville) and industrial process optimization (e.g., INO, Optech).