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Waste management is one of Québec's largest and most promising sectors. In fact, Québec can call on leaders in waste-to-energy technologies (biomethanation and biofuels), recycling and waste collection (sorting and disposal).


Québec companies specialize in the brokerage and recycling of plastic and the innovative production of plastic from recycled resin. Québec possesses expertise in managing the complete cycle of waste recovery/reuse, collection, treatment, sorting and processing.  Thermal plasma for waste destruction and energy recovery and optical sorting are some examples of promising niches. Moreover, it is worth noting that Québec truck manufacturers and vehicle equipment manufacturers for sorting centres are particularly active in R&D and known internationally.


Québec university research chairs (e.g., INRS, Polytechnique, UQAT, McGill), as well as organizations like the Centre technologique des résidus industriels and the Centre de transfert de technologies en écologie industrielle have developed important expertise in the field of residual waste.