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The water sector includes drinking water and waste water treatment.  It refers to water generation (e.g., desalination), treatment (e.g., filtration, decontamination), transport, control and efficiency (e.g., intelligent irrigation), and industrial processes requiring water. Although this eco-industry appears somewhat fragmented with its companies working primarily in local markets, some Québec SMEs are active in foreign markets.


The water sector, along with its water treatment sub-sector, is one of the largest in Québec. The government of Québec provides a regulatory framework that favours clean technologies of the water sector. Québec appears well-positioned in this sector, compared to international competitors, particularly in the segment of decentralized treatment systems. In this mature market, the innovations being explored primarily target water treatment processes like filtration membranes, ultraviolet rays, ozone disinfection and other new disinfection systems.


Québec's water treatment sector is well supported in terms of research facilities (e.g., CREDEAU, ERDAT, Centre des technologies de l’eau).