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Quebec to quench the thirst of San Diego
October 26, 2017

Quebec to quench the thirst of San Diego

In California, drinking water management is an ongoing concern. In addition to coping with drought, seawater is increasingly infiltrating California's groundwater tables and depleting the region's natural drinking water resources. In addition, treatment systems are not designed to receive brackish water. California must therefore find a solution to diversify its drinking water supply. Good news! The city of San Diego has just signed a contract with a Quebec company to address this problem.

H2O Innovation designs and supplies membrane filtration systems for water treatment in cities and industries. It is a filtration technique that separates water from soluble substances used in the treatment of salt, surface and groundwater. 


Since 2009, a pilot test with a reclaimed water purification system has been implemented in California. Tested over a long period of time and meeting all water standards, this pilot test resulted in the signing of a $9.1M contract between H2O Innovation and the City of San Diego. H2O Innovation will install a drinking water ultrafiltration treatment system to treat industrial effluents that will be injected into groundwater. This will treat the equivalent of 29 pools per day!


This is a "very important" contract, according to Frédéric Dugré, President and Chief Executive Officer "We have already made projects of this magnitude in terms of water treatment capacity in reverse osmosis, but never in ultrafiltration. It opens up a world of opportunity. California, and particularly San Diego, is a big hub in the industry. For us, it is an extraordinary showcase.”



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