• Learn about the challenges and opportunities of the clean technology sector :

 – participate in projects and expert committees 

– discover the programs, calls for projects and business opportunities

  • Benefit from targeted networking and lead-generating methods with organizations looking for either solutions or other innovators
  • Be supported in clearly demonstrating the benefits of innovative solutions to potential users
  • Benefit from the visibility, local and international, offered in events and outreach tools
  • Consult the resources available to support the different phases of development and commercialization of innovations


  • Discover the benefits of clean technologies and the financing programs available to acquire them
  • Be supported in order to identify and clearly communicate the economic and environmental issues to be addressed
  • Research existing clean technologies and view adoption case studies
  • Access a directory of clean technology experts

Public Decision Makers

  • Access reliable data on the Quebec cleantech sector
  • Consult experts during parliamentary committees and consultations
  • Take advantage of our expertise (studies, briefs, white papers) as a credible and objective organization representing the clean technology ecosystem
  • Benefit from a platform to openly discuss the vision of a green economy